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Literary Pickers Reading Challenge 2018

How keen of an observer are you? Good at finding important stuff? Or maybe not, but you just want to participate anyway? This challenge is just a fun way to see if you can find a list of items as you read no matter what romance style you pick up. The reader picks and chooses how many books and what list items they want to find. It can be a commitment to ten reads a year or a hundred. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Level One – Treasure Hunter in Training- 10 items/10 places
Level Two – Garage Sale Guru- 25 items/ 25 places (my choice)
Level Three -Professional Picker- 50 items/50 places

  1. Choose level and share in your initial post and/or below in the comments.
  2. Make initial challenge post and then update once a month. Leave blog links or update in comment section for our monthly reading challenge post. Tracking may be as simple or as elaborate as you wish to make it (list objects with books in running tally or just updating with new additions from that month).
  3. Start on or after January 1 and no later than November 1, 2018 – End before or on December 31, 2018.
  1. Qualifying books must be published (ARCs may be included),
    Be romance or have strong romance element.
    No restriction on sub-genre (Dystopian, Historical, Contemporary, LGBT, etc), reading level (YA, NA, or Adult), format (paper, e-book, audio), source (purchased, gifted or borrowed) or length of book.
    May be a re-read as long as it is started after Jan. 1st.
    Must be listed by Title and Author. Place in a series or connection to series would be good to know too.
    Books can count toward other reading challenges.
  2. Reader can count only one item per book even if book offers several items from the Scavenger Hunt list.
  3. Reader must have an on-line place to track for challenge whether it is on a blog or whether it is creating a specified ‘Literary Pickers’ Challenge shelf at a place like GoodReads or Shelfari as the point is for other readers be able to see what you are reading.Having a review and rating for each book completed would be great, but not required.
  4. Reader may choose a lower level to start and advance to an upper level if needed.
Scavenger Hunt participants must work off the specified list, but if you found an object that is in the same spirit of the one on the list you can count it. Most of all just have fun and encourage each other on in reading and chatting about books.

2018 Literary Pickers Challenge- Scavenger List

Literary Pickers Scavenger Hunt 2018
Around the House 
  1. Patio Furniture
  2. Walk-In Closet
  3. Dust or Cobwebs
  4. Gaming System (xBox) Colleen Hoover - Weil ich Will liebe (Point of Retreat)
  5. Grandmother’s China/any dishes past down
  6. Porch light
  7. Quilt
  8. Area Rug
  9. Candle Christine Nöstlinger - Maikäfer flieg!
  10. Pots and Pans
  11. Fruit Trees/Orchard Nicole C. Vosseler - Zeit der wilden Orchideen
  12. Keys
  13. Rocking Chair - Jennifer L. Armentrout - Und wenn es kein morgen gibt
  14. Bathroom Mirror Frances Maynard - Wie Ellie Carr zu leben lernte
  15. Attic
  16. Toy Chest/bin
  17. Mixing bowl
  18. Barn Sven Gerhardt - Die Heuhaufen-Halunken
  19. Curtain/Drapes
  20. Napkin/serviette
Around the World
  1. Japan
  2. Italy
  3. Africa Katie Nicholl - Harry: Ein Leben zwischen Liebe und Verlust
  4. Caribbean
  5. New Zealand
It Goes Zoom Zoom
  1. Motorcycle
  2. Navy Ship
  3. Raft
  4. Roller blades/skateboard Jandy Nelson- Über mir der Himmel
  5. Carriage
  6. Riding Horse
  7. Shuttle/small space ship
  8. Classic Car Silke Schütze - Rosmarintage
  9. Surfboard Jessi Kirby - Mein Herz wird dich finden
  10. RV/Caravan/Camper
Elements to Factor
  1. Friends to lovers/Bestfriend Jessica Love - Du und ich & die Liebe in Echtzeit
  2. Love at First Sight
  3. Commitophobe
  4. Arranged Marriage/Marriage of Convenience
  5. Miscommunication
  6. Threesome/Love Triangle
  7. Gender bender/Role Reversal
  8. Office Romance David Foenkinos - Nathalie küsst
  9. Enemies to Lovers
  10. Small Town Miriam Covi - Sommer in Atlantikblau
  11. Rocker Romance
  12. A Murder Guillaume Musso - Das Mädchen aus Brooklyn
  13. Secret baby/accidental baby Sarah Haywood - Der Kaktus: Wie Miss Green zu küssen lernte
  14. Another dimension/fantasy world
  15. Kink/BDSM
  16. Post-apocalyptic/Dystopian/Futuristic Anna Day - Fanatic
  17. Historical Rüdiger Barth - Der letzte Winter der Weimarer Republik
  18. Humor/Comedy
  19. First time author/narrator Ruth Jones - Alles Begehren
  20. On your TBR stack for more than a Year Stefan Zweig - Schachnovelle
All Terrain 
  1. Lake
  2. Volcano/Hot Spring
  3. Blizzard or Polar Region
  4. City streets
  5. Castle/Fortress
Bon Appetit 
  1. Pudding/Mousse
  2. Vegetarian/Vegan fare
  3. Ale
  4. Campfire Cooking Marina Gessner - The Distance from me to you
  5. Saute it (veggie or meat)
  6. Fresh Catch (fish/seafood)
  7. Waffles
  8. Tortilla/flat bread
  9. Tropical Fruit (Mango) Lucinda Riley - The Pearl Sister
  10. Specialty Tea or Coffee Katarina von Bredow - Er ist der Freund meiner Freundin
Tools of the Trade
  1. Fire hose
  2. Hammer
  3. Gas can/pump Nicola Eisenschink - Hausboot Lotte, Kater Emma und ich
  4. Rifle
  5. Scuba gear
  6. Handcuffs
  7. Toolbox
  8. Shovel
  9. Oven
  10. Laptop Computer Sophie Kinsella - Finding Audrey
  1. Space suit
  2. Uniform   Hammer
  3. Costume/Disguise Jenny Han - To all the Boys I've loved before
  4. High Heels
  5. Engagement Ring Jenny Colgan - Summer at the little Beach Street Bakery
  6. Belt
  7. Boots
  8. Skirt J.P. Monninger - Liebe findet uns (The Map that leads to you)
  9. Overalls
  10. Trousers
Cover Clues
  1. A number in the title
  2. Mostly Yellow
  3. No people Colleen Hoover - Nur noch ein einziges Mal (It Ends With Us)
  4. A season in the title Miriam Covi - Sommer in Atlantikblau
  5. No face/hidden features
  6. Holiday theme
  7. A hat
  8. Just a guy William Finnegan - Barbarentage
  9. Just a girl
  10. A paranormal or sci-fi element

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